Unscripted is an open ended collection of furniture that creates an immersive experience at the workplace.

It  gives the users the opportunity to be spontaneous and to easily reconfigure the spaces around them according to the type of work or activity they  are doing at any given moment..

A coffee break can suddenly turn into a team meeting, informal seating adjacent to a white board recasts the drink rail as a work surface.

Effortless transitions allows a space to provide very different roles from one minute to the other. This way, an accidental hallway encounter can easily shift into a project ideation session.

Seating and steps can be re-positioned for spontaneous gatherings and, if needed, storage elements can be rolled over for handy access to materials.

Unscripted blurs the boundary between work and play at the office without diminishing the amount of work being done.

The collection includes over 30 products in 6 categories.

Images courtesy of Knoll


  • Rockwell Group


  • Knoll


  • 2016


  • In Production