For the love of Home brewing

A collection of hand crafted objects designed to make home brewing a more fun and memorable experience.

“Relax have a homebrew”. 

– Charlie Papazian

Home brewing Station

This  approach to home brewing focuses on the production of small one gallon batches, which translates into a series of advantages for the home-brewer. It needs less space, it allows to use already available kitchen utensils, makes the actual brewing process faster and the smaller volumes are easier to handle. All of this allows the home brewer to brew more often, gain experience in a shorter amount of time and the possibility of enjoying a wider range of beer styles.

Focused on the practicality of the process, it was designed to be flexible and can be adapted to the user’s specific needs. Home brewing is also a sustainable approach to the consumption of this beverage since it can be produced locally with less waste. It also allows the user to learn and better appreciate the beverage since it can be enjoyed fresh and made out of quality ingredients.

Wooden Cask

Traditionally, white oak barrels are used to add complexity and character to the flavor of aging beverages like wine, whiskey, cognac and beer among others. This small cask is a new object that allows the homebrewer to brew a beer with a richer flavor complexity.

This piece merges a traditional construction principle with a contemporary shape that is achieved through a combination of digital technologies, CNC machining and traditional craft.

A traditional wooden barrel works by metal hoops holding several staves of wood together tightly shaped into a bulging cylinder. As the wood absorbs moisture, it swells. This makes the joints between the staves tighter and prevents the liquids from leaking between the joints. In this new construction 4  machined pieces of oak that are held together by stainless steel rings in a similar fashion as with a traditional wooden barrel.

The Beer Bag

Unarguably the best thing about home brewing is sharing with your friends.

The Beer Bag works as a saddle bag that can be attached to a bike’s frame. Thus making it easier to transport the bottles when riding a bicycle. Its straight forward construction includes Velcro that is frequently used in other bike accessories, making the attachment and detachment from the bike’s frame faster and easier. The beer holders provide a double function. The first function is to provide a secure connection between the bag and the bottle, and the second function is to act as insulation between the bottle and the warmth of the hand, allowing the beer to stay colder for a longer period of time. The versatile beer holders can be adjusted to fit different bottle diameters.

The bag conceals the bottles providing a discrete way of caring the beverage. An interior memory foam padding prevents the bottles from breaking during transportation.

Brand your Brew

Own it! Nothing gives you more bragging rights than your personalized home brew. Rubber stamps with the “BEER” logo allow the user to customize each bottle. Traditionally, paper bags are a cheap easy way to carry beer bottles in a discreet way. The concept behind the packaging is to take a simple known element as the paper bag and elevate its value through the branding with the rubber stamps.

Every batch and every bottle is now unique!


  • This project was part of my MFA in Furniture Design Thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design


  • 2013
  • Branding Concept was a collaboration with